Turkey is a beautiful country to travel with its cultural and historical variety. I’m sure Turkey is already in your bucket list. Whether you are young adventurer or an old history seeker, Turkey will be your destination one day! But if still you can’t find a sensible reason for traveling in Turkey, let us show you 10 reasons to travel to Turkey! Here they come:

#10- Experience The Four Seasons

Spring: A lovely day in Kusadasi

On the coast of the Aegean Sea, you’ll find a nice breeze and cool beaches to visit and swim if you want. Surrounded with the olive trees, you’ll see a green environment and beautiful flowers of the spring on the hills of this beautiful place.

Winter: Ski on Erciyes (Argeus) Mountain

One of the best ski resort to visit in Turkey is in central Anatolia called Erciyes. With its new slopes and fully functional cable cars, you can test your skiing skills.

Autumn: Riviera in the Black Sea region

With its fantastic geography, Black Sea coast will bring you the beautiful tones of blue and green.

Summer: Antalya welcomes you anytime

Antalya is the capital city for resort tourism in Titkey. You can find the best beaches with its white sands and turquoise seas.

#9 – For Street Snacks

Dondurma (Turkish Ice Cream)

Watch out! That’s dondurma being slung towards you and twirled in every other direction on a long metal rod. Serving Turkish ice cream is a performance art executed by charming vendors in traditional costume. Pick from classic flavours of vanilla, pistachio and rose at stalls lining Istanbul’s Taksim Square.

Döner Kebap

Döner kebap is filets of meat stacked on a vertical spit and roasted at a vertical grill. So the vertical spit is rotated, or turned, in front of the heat source (charcoal, gas or electric). When the meat directly opposite the heat source is properly roasted, the spit is rotated so that the cooked meat may be sliced off with a huge knife, and an uncooked portion of meat exposed to the fire.

#8 – Elevate Yourself Over A Beatiful Geography

Cappadocia is a unique landscape that you have never witnessed before in your life. This makes it one of the most popular spots in the world to go up in a Hot Air Balloon. As you take off to see sunrise, you will be hypnotised by a spectacular and surreal landscape. The different colours of the diversified landscape will leave you breathless.

#7 – For Majestic Monuments

Many of the most memorable monuments in the world commemorate events. The Hagia Sophia, the biggest church constructed by the East Roman Empire in Istanbul, has been constructed three times in the same location. When it was first built, it was named Megale Ekklesia (Big Church); however, after the fifth century, it was referred to as the Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom). The church was the place in which rulers were crowned, and it was also the biggest operational cathedral in the city throughout the Byzantine period.

#6 – Smell The Flowers

Tulips, Istanbul

The garden of Emirgan Park is one of the best places to admire tulips and spring flowers. The park is in Istanbul’s busy area but now visitors from around the world flock here to enjoy its fragrant spread of more than 7 million tulips. Every year on april, Tulip Festival is organized by Istanbul Municipality and more than 30 million tulips planted all over the city.

Roses, Isparta

Endearingly nicknamed the Rose City, Isparta ranks among the world’s biggest growers of the renowned Damascena rose, and exports rose oil all around the globe. The rosewater is shipped out to the grand mosque at Mecca. With a 200-year history of rose oil distillation, harvest time, in May/June, in Isparta is more than just a boost to the economy.

#5 – For Markets

Koza Han, Silk Market, Bursa

Situated between Bursa Grand Mosque and Orhan Mosque, Kozahan was built by the great architect Abdul Ula Bin Pulat Sah as a foundation for historical works in Istanbul by the order of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II in 1491. Once upon a time, it was a place where pod (silkworm cocoon) was sold. The silk fabrics obtained the cocoons played the first role to be a textile center of Bursa. Approximately, having lived around Bursa for a thousand year and called as ‘’Greengrocers’’, Turks have made the production of pod for centuries. That tradition, sericulture comes from Central Asia.

Mahmutpasa, Local Bazaar, Istanbul

During the reign of Ottoman Sultan Fatih Mehmet, the Conqueror, Mahmut Pasha District in Istanbul was established by grand vizier Mustafa Pasha. It is located on each two sides of the inclined road called Mahmut Pasha Slope Fatih, Istanbul. Surrogated by the mausoleum Mahmut Pasha, Turkish baths and public fountains, the magnificent bazaar consists of the many different storages more than 256. One of the most visited places (especially tourists) which contain shopkeepers dealing with the textile, the breath taking district sells many various products about textile like bridal dress, wedding suits, modern and ancient attires, dressy and clothes. Those productions are very high quality, cheap and also you can find every kind of goods according to your budget.

#3 – For Music

Sunsplash Music Festival, Bodrum

The SunSplash Boutique is an organism of musical extravagance celebrating the best of international dance music and club culture with festivals in stunning coastal settings, club nights and local parties in quality music venues across Europe.

Istanbul International Jazz Festival

The 24th Istanbul Jazz Festival will offer a festival experience full of discoveries between 4-20 July with more than 50 concerts including veterans and new discoveries of jazz, well-known ensembles of world music, new horizons of contemporary music. The festival programme includes a range of jazz, funk, world music, blues and rock performances, with highlights including “Beyond The Memory” concert where famous stars will pay tribute to the cult flamenco guitarist and composer Paco De Lucia, the young star of vocal jazz Kandance Springs, masters Jacky Terrasson & Stephane Belmondo, one of the legendary names of European jazz Nik Bärtsch, and two delightful voices from Africa Fatoumata Diawara and Hindi Zahra. The “JUNUN” project, which had been initially led by Radiohead’s guitarist Jonny Greenwood, is among the guests of this year’s festival.

#2 – To Remember

So many travel memories are with you. How else can you commit these places to memory unless you’ve talked about them? You travel with your family for different reasons. You travel because something drives to you. Your wife travels because she enjoys it. You drive into landscape of Aegean region and reach Denizli. In the middle of nowhere, a white hill just comes up with a streaming view as if it is oasis. Termal water flows down from a rocky hill and dissolves pure white calcium, becomes saturated with it, and carries it to the earth’s surface, where it bursts forth and runs down a steep hillside. Cooling in the open air, the calcium precipitates from the water, adheres to the soil, and forms white calcium “cascades” frozen in stone called travertines.

#1 – To Return Home

The hotel bed is a private island. On those taut, white sheets like velvety sand, your limbs sink only so far. It holds you in that weightless space between consciousness and waking, so when the phone rings for your wake-up call, you reply, “Thank you, but I have known all along that this would come to an end.”

At home, you line up your memories on the mantle and distribute the fridge magnets and shot glasses. Home feels exotic – the hum of pipes, the flashing microwave light – and you realise why we go away.

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